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AGREEMENT made between Author (individually) and 50 Interviews Inc. (the “Agent”).

WHEREAS the Author is or will be the proprietor of the following described literary work (individually or collectively the “Work”) submitted.

WHEREAS the Author desires to have the Agent facilitate publication of an audio edition (suitable for sale on and, on the terms and conditions and in consideration of the covenants set forth herein;

Author has requested Agent locate an audio book narrator for purposes of publishing the audio book edition of the Author's work.

The terms of the narrator will be paid on a royalty share basis only (no advance payment for services rendered). Author will retain full rights to all other versions of the work, but is limited to sale and distribution of the audio edition produced by narrator for a period of 7 years.

Agent shall pay Author 10% of net proceeds (see below) after Agent receives royalties to recover initial setup costs (not to exceed $500). Setup proceeds are applied towards locating a narrator, creating the audiobook cover art, providing audio proof file access, and title setup.

Agent will setup audio book for sale, establish agreement with a narrator, and produce necessary artwork (if needed).

Author will have the opportunity to review a sample of the narrators work prior to final approval.

This agreement shall only go into effect in the event a narrator agrees and completes the task of narrating the Author's work.


The royalty share agreement for audiobook sales breaks down as follows:

Royalties will be paid to Author once/year (per calendar) by Jan. 31st of the month immediately following the year ending.


We provide:

  1. A dedicated page on
  2. An email blast to hundreds of potential audiobook reviewers (upon which up to 20 will be selected to receive a complimentary copy).


The term of this agreement shall commence upon date of Author's digital signature below (redirects to secure jotform page) below, and shall terminate seven years from the date of Author’s signature below. This agreement shall be extended from year to year unless one party notifies the other that it wishes to terminate the within 90 days of the date upon which the term otherwise would expire.

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