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Run for the Money by Jon Gregory

When 54 million dollars of client funds vanishes in the dark of night, San Francisco stockbroker Travis Black finds he’s been set up to take the fall in an international game of high stakes money laundering and deception.

47 Years in Aviation

A Memoir

by Richard L. Taylor

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Maximum Insecurity: A Doctor in the Supermax


After three decades as a successful ear surgeon, William Wright, MD is bored beyond belief. He dabbles with retirement, but finds idleness infuriating. He has to do something.

Then he sees an ad for a doctor’s position from the Colorado Department of Corrections at a supermax prison. Now that, he thinks, would be different. His wife has some thoughts on the matter too. She thinks her husband just lost his mind and is on a collision course with a prison shiv.

After his first day on the job, he wonders if she wasn’t onto something. His first patient is an arrogant, callous youth convicted of five cold-blooded murders. Dr. Wright has to steel himself not to bolt.

Life Commands According to Ten Wise Women



Scrape your plate of all that isn’t working.

We’ve been taught to clean our plate, so we’ve swallowed the pain while struggling in situations and relationships and then think that’s normal.

You’ve struggled because of who you believed. Ten women in your life have held a powerful position of influence either for the positive or the negative that internally directs your path in life.

The Zarryiostrom

The Zarryiostrom Trilogy by Steven Plagman (Author) and Nene Thomas (Illustrator) Book 1: Get it on iTunes Book 2: Get it on iTunes Book 3: Get it on iTunes

M.E. and My Shadow: Wisdom From A Four-Legged Master


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” — Chinese proverb

Mary Ellen Weiland was looking for love and finally found it in a big, black Labrador retriever named Shadow.

Through his quiet wisdom, Shadow taught Weiland how to live in the moment, how to persevere despite life’s obstacles, how to believe and trust in herself and ultimately, how to give her heart fully to another human being.

50 Saints

By Sarah Gallick

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This book is an introduction to fifty of the most notable saints of the Catholic Church. Most Catholics have grown up seeing images of these saints in their churches and religious institutions. And of course these saints have inspired some of the world’s greatest art. Many of these saints are also venerated by other Christian denominations and even non-Christians are familiar with the names of Peter, Francis of Assisi and Mary Magdalene, yet few of us could explain exactly who they were and why they are worth our attention. I hope that the stories shared here will introduce you to these amazing people.

A brief word about the process of canonization:

The Catholic Church teaches that everyone who lives a life of grace in union with God will receive the reward of eternal life and join the communion of saints. Everyone in heaven is considered a saint. The fifty saints in this book are among the thousands of “canonized” saints of the Church. They are recognized as models or intercessors and venerated because they lived lives of heroic virtue or remained faithful to God through martyrdom.

The canonization process is long and detailed. In brief, there are four steps: First, there is an investigation into the individual’s life by the local diocese. If that concludes well, the individual is designated a “Servant of God,” and all the files and research are sent off to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. In the next, second step, the Congregation begins reviewing this material while conducting its own investigation and welcoming any new information. Once a panel of theologians is satisfied, the individual is declared “Venerable.”

Up until this point the process resembles a congressional investigation, but now the supernatural element takes on importance because for the third step, beatification, the Congregation must credit a miracle (usually a healing) to the intercession of the candidate. Father Pat McCloskey recently described the process in St. Anthony Messenger, “A reported miracle must be examined by three teams that work independently: doctors, theologians and several cardinals. If they and the Pope agree that the cure was miraculous, the person can be officially declared Blessed. (If the person is acknowledged as a martyr, no miracle is needed at this stage.)” The individual can be celebrated locally and within his or her religious community.

A second miracle must occur after the beatification and it requires the same process of approval. At that time, the Congregation recommends canonization and the Pope proclaims that we have another great example to look to as proof that heaven is reachable for us all.

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Successful Property Managers

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In each volume, 25 very successful property managers share their stories, advice, and tips that is certain to inspire others to pursue this wonderful professional career of Property Management.  These property managers are perfect examples of individuals that are continually striving to improve their industry and the quality of service they provide their clients.