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No 3 Putts What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting

Author David Perry

Improve your Putting! This book contains exclusive interviews, available only in this book, with top rated PGA and LPGA instructors offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help you fully understand:

  • The true importance of putting
  • Key factors that limit putting success
  • Tips and techniques you can use to improve your putting skills
  • The difference between green guessing and green reading
  • Why your putter is the most important club in your bag
  • Top putting drills that will help you build and maintain your skills
  • The need for true confidence in your putting

You’ll benefit from decades of experience from top instructors and over 50,000 lessons given to new golfers up to tour professionals. The valuable insights contained in the book will help you understand the dynamics of putting, so you can really improve your putting. It is a must have for every golfers library.

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