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Portrait of a Franchise

Portrait of a Franchise: An Intimate Look at Cleveland Indians Baseball During the Rockin’ Sixties

by Doug Kurkul

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Welcome to the most entertaining new baseball book of the year. “Kurkul captures the characters, camaraderie, the clubhouse comedy, and the contradictions characteristic of the club’s decade of record mediocrity! The book is a great read,” says bullpen catcher Thomas Tomsick. “The book is ‘must reading’ for any American League fan,” according to historian Dr. J. Lee Annis. “Baseball is America’s game, and this new book on the Cleveland Indians does America’s game proud!,” states James D. Bartha.

Reconnect with the stories of the game’s most fascinating personalities of the Sixties – Luis Tiant, Hawk Harrelson, Mudcat Grant, Rocky Colavito, Jim Piersall, Sam McDowell, Daddy Wags Wagner, Lou Piniella, and dozens more.

You need not be an Indians fan to enjoy the book’s many dozens of baseball stories. These colorful clubs never won a pennant, but there will never be another group quite like them!

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About the Author

“Doug Kurkul is a public affairs, organizational management, economic development, and strategic communications executive based in Austin, Texas. He is past president of two prominent chambers of commerce, and past vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers.

A member of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR), Kurkul is a loyal and long-suffering fan of the Cleveland Indians.

Kurkul is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the popular web site, GreatManufacturingStories.com. Previously, he was Executive Editor of Leadership for Manufacturers magazine and Managing Editor of the award-winning book Manufacturing in America: A Legacy of Excellence.

His writing has also been published in The Austin Business Journal, Association Trends, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Leadership for Manufacturers, Reno-Gazette Journal, Ashland Times-Gazette, NAM Member Focus, Round Rock Leader, and Statesman.com, among other media outlets.”

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