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God in the Time of the Internet


Have you ever wondered…

  • How did we arrive on this planet?
  • What are we doing here?
  • What is to become of us?
  • Specifically, how did the Big Bang lead eventually to civilized life?
  • What is now driving our behavior here on earth?
  • What is the ultimate fate of the human race and every individual who has ever lived within it?

These are the burning questions of existences. To arrive at satisfactory answers to these three questions is to put meaning into one’s life. For the first, we must look to the sequence of natural algorithms which arose spontaneously at the Big Bang and enabled the evolution of the universe, life and mind, utilizing the laws of physics and the potentialities therein. For the second, we need to credit the luminaries of religion, science and philosophy, who showed us how to rise above our tribal instincts inherited from the brutal process of evolution. For the third, we must contemplate the super intelligence which will emerge from the voluntary interconnection of all the human minds on the planet, facilitated by their ever more powerful computers and the internet; and which may one day be able to digitally resurrect everyone who has ever lived. Such a coming super intelligence is conceivable scientifically and does not require an appeal to the supernatural. 

The Christian Trinity seeks also to address the three questions above: the first with the concept of the Father, the generator and creator; the second with the Son, the miracle-worker who showed us how to behave; and the third with the Holy Spirit, the “Comforter” who will be in us all, and thereby grant us everlasting life. 

This book examines these key questions of existence and the answers provided by religion, philosophy and science.

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About the Author

Phillip Shirvington earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Sydney, and subsequently worked as a nuclear scientist, publishing some 30 scientific papers, and serving for a time as a nuclear diplomat in Washington.

He lives in San Francisco, and is fascinated by the world around, the life within it and the mind that observes it.

Phillip has lived in three countries and worked in six. His interests are family, reading, travel and good movies. He is a keen skier, kayaker, surfer and swimmer. Visit Phillip’s blog here!



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  1. Alya
    January 4, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    The author of this book is very intellegent person.This book is very interesting.Reading this book,I opened new view on this life.

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