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What it Takes… To Earn $1,000,000 in Direct Sales


By Kirsten McCay-Smith On Kindle On iBooks On nook Kobo (coming soon) Online: Synopsis Have you ever wondered why some women achieve great success in direct sales while others don’t? Kirsten McCay-Smith shares the secrets in exclusive interviews with super achievers who have already broken the million dollar profit mark. The interviews explode the myths…

Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions


by Ann Marie Kurrasch Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions consists of 12 original pieces that are varied in style, tempo, and intent. Some are full of energy–Honeymoon Rag, Boogie Boardin’ Boogie. Some are meditative–Mystery, Refreshing Rain. Some represent strength–Stand Tall. Some are just fun–Hummingbird Waltz. All in all, a complete set of…

Portrait of a Franchise


Portrait of a Franchise: An Intimate Look at Cleveland Indians Baseball During the Rockin’ Sixties by Doug Kurkul Read the Reviews! Welcome to the most entertaining new baseball book of the year. “Kurkul captures the characters, camaraderie, the clubhouse comedy, and the contradictions characteristic of the club’s decade of record mediocrity! The book is a…

Ronnie Rush: Life of a Roadie

Read the Reviews! In all of Rock ‘n Roll, it was the least of all cool jobs, but everyone who did it, wanted no other job: Roadie. No show ended or started without them; they were there hours before and hours after a concert. It paid minimum wage with no benefits. But if you toured…


This is the inside story of the founding of All Hands Volunteers, beginning with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, followed by Hurricane Katrina, and continuing internationally through Bangladesh, Haiti, Japan and the Philippines. With literally dozens of US projects, including Hurricane Sandy, the 30,000 “Empowered Volunteers” have proven that the All Hands model is extremely effective and impactful to both the affected communities and volunteers.

No 3 Putts What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting

Author David Perry Improve your Putting! This book contains exclusive interviews, available only in this book, with top rated PGA and LPGA instructors offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help you fully understand: The true importance of putting Key factors that limit putting success Tips and techniques you can use to improve…

The Spirit Gate, Book 3 – Dan Logan


Concluding novel in the author’s Ancient Secrets series, preceded by The First Migration and The Lost Portal

Darren Stewart, a NASA director, and his wife, Tracey, a former presidential press secretary, have been missing for three years along with their fellow time travelers, ever since they departed in a refurbished time ship and traveled to a point in time nearly a thousand years ago to explore the Anasazi culture at Chaco Canyon during its peak.

Robert Novell Books

Robert has been involved in commercial aviation since 1978 and has seen all of the ups and downs associated with deregulation, the oil crisis, the economic swings in the economy, and has learned that job security in aviation is a myth—even in the best of times. Although Robert was successfully employed all of his career and has flown numerous corporate aircraft and heavy lift freighters, including the B-747 200/300, he has had many friends leave the industry because of low wages,

God in the Time of the Internet


Have you ever wondered…

  • How did we arrive on this planet?
  • What are we doing here?
  • What is to become of us?
  • Specifically, how did the Big Bang lead eventually to civilized life?
  • What is now driving our behavior here on earth?
  • What is the ultimate fate of the human race and every individual who has ever lived within it?