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No 3 Putts What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting

by David Perry Improve your Putting! This book contains exclusive interviews, available only in this book, with top rated PGA and LPGA instructors offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help you fully understand: The true importance of putting Key factors that limit putting success Tips and techniques you can use to improve…

The Spirit Gate, Book 3 – Dan Logan


Concluding novel in the author’s Ancient Secrets series, preceded by The First Migration and The Lost Portal

Darren Stewart, a NASA director, and his wife, Tracey, a former presidential press secretary, have been missing for three years along with their fellow time travelers, ever since they departed in a refurbished time ship and traveled to a point in time nearly a thousand years ago to explore the Anasazi culture at Chaco Canyon during its peak.

Robert Novell Books

Robert has been involved in commercial aviation since 1978 and has seen all of the ups and downs associated with deregulation, the oil crisis, the economic swings in the economy, and has learned that job security in aviation is a myth—even in the best of times. Although Robert was successfully employed all of his career and has flown numerous corporate aircraft and heavy lift freighters, including the B-747 200/300, he has had many friends leave the industry because of low wages,

God in the Time of the Internet


Have you ever wondered…

  • How did we arrive on this planet?
  • What are we doing here?
  • What is to become of us?
  • Specifically, how did the Big Bang lead eventually to civilized life?
  • What is now driving our behavior here on earth?
  • What is the ultimate fate of the human race and every individual who has ever lived within it?

Run for the Money by Jon Gregory

When 54 million dollars of client funds vanishes in the dark of night, San Francisco stockbroker Travis Black finds he’s been set up to take the fall in an international game of high stakes money laundering and deception.

47 Years in Aviation

A Memoir

by Richard L. Taylor

Submitted to the iBookstore on 7/15/14

TRANSPORTATION > Aviation > General

Maximum Insecurity: A Doctor in the Supermax


After three decades as a successful ear surgeon, William Wright, MD is bored beyond belief. He dabbles with retirement, but finds idleness infuriating. He has to do something.

Then he sees an ad for a doctor’s position from the Colorado Department of Corrections at a supermax prison. Now that, he thinks, would be different. His wife has some thoughts on the matter too. She thinks her husband just lost his mind and is on a collision course with a prison shiv.

After his first day on the job, he wonders if she wasn’t onto something. His first patient is an arrogant, callous youth convicted of five cold-blooded murders. Dr. Wright has to steel himself not to bolt.

Life Commands According to Ten Wise Women



Scrape your plate of all that isn’t working.

We’ve been taught to clean our plate, so we’ve swallowed the pain while struggling in situations and relationships and then think that’s normal.

You’ve struggled because of who you believed. Ten women in your life have held a powerful position of influence either for the positive or the negative that internally directs your path in life.

The Zarryiostrom

The Zarryiostrom Trilogy by Steven Plagman (Author) and Nene Thomas (Illustrator) Book 1: Get it on iTunes Book 2: Get it on iTunes Book 3: Get it on iTunes